Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Your property needs more technology than just Internet service, so why not work with a company that delivers everything you need while making sure it all works well together? 


We design, provide, install, and operate just about any technology needed for student or multifamily housing, including Access Control, Electronic Unit Door Locks, CCTV Systems, Cell Phone Boosters, Computer Labs, Phones, IOT Device Integration, RFID Auto Gate Control, Emergency Call Boxes, Fiber, and Low-Voltage Wiring. See below for a few examples of the technologies that we typically install and operate.


Restricting access to different areas of your property is essential for both resident safety and regulating the use of amenities. IQ Machines offers a comprehensive array of options for access control, and can design and install a system to suit your needs. Whether you need to control access to 5 doors or 100 doors, we offer solutions based on biometric fingerprint access, electronic key fobs/cards, or both.

We also provide electrified door hardware, making sure that integration of the access control system with construction goes smoothly. Our access control systems can also incorporate electronic unit door locks and control for automobile gates (see below).


Controlling entry to parking areas keeps unauthorized vehicles from using parking spots, and also keeps non-residents from entering a restricted area. IQ Machines provides systems that integrate vehicle entry permission with other access control functions at the property, simplifying the task of issuing resident parking passes for operations staff.

Our most popular systems rely on RFID Windshield tags that allow auto gates or roll-up doors to be opened automatically when an authorized vehicle approaches. IQ Machines provides custom RID tags for each system, including property-specific artwork, and important features like tamper-proof installation (the tags are destroyed if removed by the user, and therefore cannot be shared by different residents).


Can your residents and guests use their cell phones? Due to their size and construction materials, many student and multi-family housing properties block cell signals, leaving unhappy residents with poor cell phone service. 

IQ Machines deploys economical, FCC- compliant, systems that restore your residents’ cell phone service. Every system is designed using advanced site survey tools, making sure that you only purchase and install equipment where needed to enhance coverage. Cell Booster systems from IQ Machines can help ensure your property has excellent cell signal quality from all major carriers.


Emergency phones are required by code by many municipalities in areas including parking garages and pools. IQ Machines can provide these call boxes pre-programmed for 911 calls, using either VOIP (voice over IP) or traditional analog (POTS) telephone service. We specify the correct wiring, provide installation and configuration, and provide the phone service needed to enable ongoing operation of the call boxes.


Computer labs are a great amenity that let your residents’ work, read email, or catch up on social media. However, computers accessible to the public are often slow and susceptible to viruses, and in need of software updates. If you don’t have a dedicated IT department to keep things running smoothly, computer labs can go from being a great amenity to a liability. 

Computer labs installed by IQ Machines are different… they keep running smoothly no matter what your residents throw at them. Whether you want a computer lab that features PCs, MACs, or a combination of both, ours are always designed for reliable operation in a public environment. 

Our computers are not “locked-down” like those in many public labs; if a resident needs to install a particular software package for one-time use, no problem. Once the resident logs out, the computer will automatically restore to its original state to prevent possible problems resulting from the installation. Computer labs installed by IQ Machines feature unusual attention to detail: our designs conceal everything that does not need to be seen or touched… no wires, cords or power supplies will clutter your lab space.


CCTV systems help keep your residents safe, while also providing protection from vandalism and property damage. Surveillance systems also help to protect one of your property’s most valuable assets: its reputation as a safe and secure place to live.

IQ Machines designs and installs enterprise-grade CCTV systems that are specially designed for large residential environments. Using digital HD cameras that provide razor-sharp images, our CCTV systems provide exceptional coverage across your property while also delivering strategically-placed high-resolution images from entry and exit points to allow for clear identification of persons that may have been involved in unwanted activities. 

Our CCTV servers are designed and built in-house, providing exceptional performance and reliability while allowing for the continuous recording of weeks of high definition footage from hundreds of cameras. Our systems also feature the latest image and movement analysis features, while providing easy access to footage via computer, tablet or smartphone.

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