whyWhy IQ Machines?...   Every telecom provider will tell you they are the best.  But before you choose service for your property, you should ask, "Why?.... What makes you better than the competition?"  And if you don't get simple answers that make sense, you should keep looking. IQ Machines consistently offers more, and the reasons are easy to understand:

We use proprietary products that are specially designed for MDU telecom, allowing us to deliver greater performance at a lower cost.

We offer the broadest array of integrated MDU technologies, not only bulk telecom.

Our systems are specially designed to achieve better reliablity than those of our competitors.

We have the most dedicated customer service team.

Go ahead and ask why you should pick IQ Machines... the answers  to help you make an easy decision are right here.


Don't be limited by the performance of overpriced, off-the-shelf equipment... find out how MDUnify Products from IQ Machines give your your property the edge.


One Stop
Bulk telecom is only where we begin... we make it easy to get all the technology you need at your property.


Our Internet and TV systems run like clockwork... and it's not a coincidence. Find out how IQ Machines brings the reliability of mission-critical systems to your MDU telecom services.


Customer Service

Of course your TV and Internet should work... but what about everything else? Our team is dedicated to making sure all of your technology issues are addressed... At IQ Machines, your problems are our problems, and we won't rest until we eliminate them.