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FAQ Cropped

HDTV Questions


Q. How do I get my TV connected?

In order to connect your TV to our basic HDTV service, your television must include a digital QAM tuner. Almost all TVs produced in 2006 or later include a QAM tuner (if you believe your TV may not include a QAM tuner, see below). To get connected, follow these steps:

1. Connect Cable to TV. Connect a standard coaxial TV cable from the wall outlet to the coaxial input on your TV.

2. Select “TV” as your source. Make sure your television is in “TV” mode ready to tune TV stations (e.g. not connected to an external input like a DVD player). This can normally be done by pressing the “input” or “source” button until “TV” appears on your screen. If your television is not in this mode, the right menu options for the steps below may not appear.

3. Perform a channel-scan. This step involves using the on-screen menus on your TV. Although on-screen menus vary by TV brand, the following steps are typically found under the menu heading “Setup”, “Antenna”, or similar. Refer to your TV manual for further detail if necessary, then:

a. Make sure the antenna / tuner is set for “Cable” or “CATV”, it should NOT  be set for “Air” or “Antenna”. This tells your TV you plan to receive signals from a digital cable service, not an over-the-air antenna.

b. Select automatic “channel scan”, “channel search”, or “auto-program” (the name varies by TV brand). This step allows the TV to search for and memorize the channels available in your apartment.

4. Tune Channels using your TV remote. The channel search may take several minutes depending on the TV. Once complete, you will be able to tune television stations directly using the remote control that was supplied with your TV.


Q. What if my TV does not have a QAM tuner?

Our basic HDTV service was designed to provide full resolution HD programming without the need for purchasing or renting additional equipment. Most TVs built in 2006 or later are directly compatible with our service. If there are other TVs in your apartment that are already working with your TV service, that is a good indication that your TV does not include a QAM tuner. If you own a TV that is not compatible, you will not be able to receive TV programming without upgrading your equipment. In this case, there are several options:

  • Purchase an External QAM Tuner – Like a cable box, this device sits next to your TV to decode the signals your TV cannot, and converts them to a format your TV can accept. An external QAM tuner can typically be purchased for less than $50. This is a one-time purchase, and no further monthly fees apply. One example of an external QAM tuner can be purchased here.
  • Purchase a New TV – If your television is older and you are considering purchasing a new one anyway, this may be the best answer. Before purchasing, make certain the model you select includes a QAM Tuner. 

Internet Questions


Q. How do I connect to the wired jack in my apartment?

If your internet connection in your apartment is delivered by wired jack, getting connected is easy - just plug in your device using a standard Ethernet cable. The service provided by your wall jack has been designed to automatically connect to your devices if they are configured with default network settings. If your connection is not working, first check that:

1. If you are using a computer or other device (game console, etc.) connected directly, make sure that wired network connection on your device is enabled.

2. Make sure the device connection is set for “DHCP” mode. This setting allows your device to automatically be assigned a unique IP address by the network.

Note that if you elect to create a wireless network connection within your apartment, your wireless router should connect automatically to the network if it has been configured with default network settings. Unfortunately, it is not possible for IQ Machines to provide technical support for wireless routers we have not provided and configured.


Q. How do I connect to the WIFI network in my apartment?

If your property includes WIFI service, the WiFi information such as network name (SSID), username, or password can be obtained from your leasing office. Please follow the instructions provided in your move-in packet.


Still Need Help? If you are still having issues, do not hesitate to contact IQ Machines Technical Support. Send us a message to the support email or call the IQ Machines technical support line for your property, both of which can be found in your move-in packet (or by contacting your property management office).