Bulk Telecom and Beyond: Complete Technology Solutions for MDU Properties

BULK TELECOM... IQ Machines provides high-end bulk telecom service (Internet, Television, and Telephone) for large-scale MDU applications. We design and build systems that are custom-tailored to the MDU environment, and the result is superior performance with reduced operating cost. Our systems are optimized for:

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With IQ Machines, your residents get digital HDTV and the fastest Internet access... at a lower cost than second-rate bulk service from the cable company. 

BEYOND... Bulk telecom is important, but MDU operators have other critical technology needs as well. Have you tried calling our competitors for help designing and maintaining computer labs, office networks, public WiFi, security cameras, or controlled access systems? Unlike the other guys, IQ Machines offers a complete range of systems and services to satisfy all the technology needs of the MDU owner/developer. Providing true one-stop technology shopping, we make it easy to get the best technology infrastructure for your property. When you select IQ Machines, we make sure that all the technologies needed at your property intergrate seamlessly with the networks and Internet systems we provide. Also, we work hand-in-hand with your construction and property management teams to make sure that our technologies are successfully deployed in conjunction with construction or renovation activities that may be ongoing.

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IQ Machines provides the best bulk telecom service... but that is only where we begin.  Find out more about all of the technology services we offer.



High Speed Internet is often the single most important amenity provided to your tenants. Through the use of proprietary hardware and software, IQ Machines provides the fastest Internet access possible to your tenants at the most competitive cost. Offering both wired networks and commercial-grade WIFI solutions, IQ Machines offers the best Internet service for your property.


Your tenants want the best technology... so why offer antiquated, analog TV service? With IQ Machines, your tenants can enjoy the razor-sharp image quality of HDTV, and all the most popular TV content, for the price of traditional basic cable.


In addition to offering telephone service for residents, IQ Machines offers a full array of business telephone services for on-site property management and maintenance staff. Our digital business phone systems support all of the features contained in traditional business phone systems at a lower price.


Give your residents a place to work, read email, or catch up on social media. IQ Machines designs and installs public computer labs customized for your property, featuring automated virus protection and daily system restoration to ensure your computers keep working smoothly.


With IQ Machines, you get more than just an Internet Service Provider - we offer technology consulting as a courtesy to our bulk telecom clients. Why? Because we know that your long-term satisfaction - and our success - relies on getting the technology right before construction.



Nothing is more critical than the safety and security of your residents. IQ Machines offers the most advanced surveillance systems available, featuring high-resolution digital cameras and fully networked storage to safely archive months of footage. Your staff can keep track of multiple properties at once, even from their smartphones.


Do you need to control access to your property, or to specific amenity areas at specific times? IQ Machines offers the latest biometric access systems, so that your residents need only their fingerprint to get where they need to go.



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MDUnify products by IQ Machines have been optimized for MDU telecom applications. While our competitors are stuck using overpriced, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf enterprise IT products, we deploy our own products to provide the best service at the lowest cost. Find out how MDUnify Products give your your property the edge.





Internet by IQ Machines begins with FULCRUM. Serving as the centerpiece of your property's network, FULCRUM has been optimized for the task of providing Internet access securely and efficiently to thousands of users in an MDU environment. Containing everything you need for MDU Internet service, and nothing you don't, Fulcrum dramatically outperforms off-the-shelf solutions used by our competitors. The fact that it costs less to deploy is the icing on the cake.




SAGE is a powerful and cost-effective tool for making sure all the systems deployed at your property are working at all times. Providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities, SAGE allows IQ Machines to recognize possible system failures even before they happen. At a typical property, SAGE is used to monitor thousands of critical parameters associated with thousands of items... so that you never have to worry about whether things will work the way they are supposed to.




OCULUS gives you the power to see everything that is happening at your properties... and everything that has happened before. OCULUS takes video surveillance to the next level, making it cost-effective to bring state-of the art security to your property. Featuring an easy to use and full-featured user interface, OCULUS lets you see your properties in high definition from any web browser or smart phone. And because it is powered by hardware designed by IQ Machines, you get higher performance at a reduced cost.