Trains Cropped 

What do trains in Denmark have to do with TV and Internet at your property? A lot, it turns out. Before starting IQ Machines, its founders spent nearly 40 years designing mission-critical electronic systems for high-speed trains and driverless metros - systems that are subject to the most stringent requirements for reliability and availability. At IQ Machines, this experience is reflected in the design of every system we deploy. Reliability is in our DNA, and we are absolutely obsessed with the dependability of the systems we provide. When you get TV and Internet by IQ Machines, you get more...

System Reliability Analysis

How do we make sure our systems are both reliable and affordable? All of our systems are analyzed using reliability block diagrams and military-style FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis). These analyses allow us to systematically determine the effects of equipment failures, to identify weak points, and then to eliminate them by design. They also enable us to study the tradeoffs of adding more backup equipment (redundancy) to the system - we have the experience to evaluate whether proposed changes to the system provide the right return on investment. 

Internet Systems

While our competition deploys data networks riddled with single-point failures, all of our core Internet systems are fully redundant. All equipment that affects data service across your property has an online backup, including:

  • FULCRUM - the centerpiece of our Internet system operates in a fully redundant equipment configuration. This means that all critical functions are backed up at all times, including DHCP management, routing, traffic shaping, and security.
  • Core Network Switches - core switches routing data throughout your property are fully redundant, operating continuously in a hot standby configuration. If a core switch fails, no one will know except for us. 
  • Fiber Connections - our systems feature high-speed fiber connections between the main equipment room (MDF) and secondary distribution rooms (IDFs). These fiber connections employ redundant paths to ensure that any failure in a communication path won't disrupt your residents' service.  

TV Systems

IQ Machines takes a different approach to bulk TV distribution, making sure that potentially critical system failures can be mitigated immediately without even sending a technician onsite:

  • Backup Signal Feeds - A typical TV headend relies on a single set of satellite dishes and signal amplifiers that feed the entire system. When any equipment in this signal chain fails, TV service to your entire property is lost until a repair technician makes a service call. IQ Machines takes the unusual step of providing completely redundant satellite signal feeds to your property - including backup satellite dishes - that can be controlled remotely. No single failure in this equipment can result in a loss of service to your property.
  • Redundant Fiber-Optic Transmitters - Our systems typically distribute TV across the property using a fiber optic network. If a fiber-optic transmitter were to fail, TV service could be lost for many residents. IQ Machines provides backup fiber-optic transmitters installed in a novel configuration that allows them to be brought online remotely. Again, we won't let equipment failures get in the way of reliable TV service.
  • Redundant TV Headend Equipment - TV service at your property is provided by a headend that features spare satellite tuners and spare distribution amplifiers that automatically reconfigure to keep your service running in the event of equipment failure. Furthermore, in the event of a catastrophic failure affecting the entire TV headend, your property will be served by an independently powered backup that can keep critical channels up and running even in the worst conditions. 

Our competitors will tell you it's not a catastrophe if your residents occasionally lose TV or Internet... they might be right, but that's not how we see it. IQ Machines brings a level of reliability to your TV and Internet service that is normally associated only with mission-critical systems - at a lower cost than others charge for less reliable systems. At IQ Machines, we deliver more so your residents enjoy the most reliable service possible.