MDUnify Cropped

How can IQ Machines consistently deliver better performance at a cost lower than the competition? One big reason is our MDUnify products, which have been optimized for MDU telecom applications. While our competitors are stuck using overpriced, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf enterprise IT products, we deploy our own cost-efficient, ultra-high-performance products to provide the best service at the lowest cost.

Bulk telecom is just like anything else - you can't be the best unless you have the right tools for the job. Imagine a race car driver trying to use all-season tires... they might be great for normal driving on the open road, but they sure put you at a disadvantage on the racetrack. When our competitors use off-the-shelf enterprise IT equipment, it is just like using a set of all-season tires. Because those network products are designed to useful to any large business, they can not be optimized for MDU telecom applications. Providing internet service to 1,000 residents is not the same as providing a network for 1,000 employees at a business. Why would you want to use the same equipment for completely different tasks... especially when the general-purpose equipment is so expensive?  

As a true technology company, IQ Machines has a team possessing decades of experience in electronic product development. As a result, we can bring our own tires to the race, and when we do, you win. Find out how FULCRUM, SAGE, and OCULUS give your property the advantage.




FULCRUM is the centerpiece of your property's network... a purpose built combination of high-performance hardware and software optimized by IQ Machines to provide Internet service in MDU applications. Because it was designed by IQ Machines with large properties in mind, it efficiently handles all of the network functions needed at your property. Out of the box, Fulcrum provides everything you need:

Ultra High Performance - FULCRUM is designed to deliver high-speed internet for up to 4,000 apartments simultaneously... handling 10 Million concurrent internet sessions with ease. With dedicated property-level connections of up to 10 Gbps already supported, FULCRUM is functioning well beyond the current state-of-the-art for MDU Internet delivery. 

Security - Data from each unit is segregated and protected by several overlapping layers of security. Data service from one unit can not be used to make a connection to a device in another unit.

Traffic Shaping - FULCRUM incorporates advanced  management algorithms to ensure that traffic at your property dynamically adapts to changing loads...  users get the data they need even when the network is fully loaded.

Office Integration - FULCRUM automatically creates an office network for your staff, guaranteeing bandwidth and data security for your business critical operations.

Amenity Support - Separate virtual networks are created for amenity areas to ensure proper operation of phones, media rooms, computer labs, gaming systems, and public WIFI systems.

High Availability - FULCRUM includes integrated backup hardware in standby configuration to ensure the system keeps running even when equipment fails.



SageSAGE was developed by IQ Machines to ensure that every aspect of your technology services are working at all times. Providing comprehensive system monitoring capabilities, SAGE is a powerful and cost-effective tool for monitoring all the systems deployed at your property. SAGE provides powerful, programmable condition-based alerts - when any equipment starts to exhibit signs of failure, our support staff receives an automatic notification and can start working to resolve the problem immediately. SAGE even allows us to monitor conditions that can affect all of our systems at once, like room temperature and power quality/availability. Sage also allows us to create a historical database of the system, so that we can monitor any trends that may affect your services. At a typical property, SAGE is used to monitor thousands of critical parameters associated with thousands of items, including:

  • Internet Traffic - across the entire property, each building, and each apartment. We make sure that things keep running smoothly
  • All network switches - we know when switches are functioning correctly, what traffic is passing on each port, and when a backup takes over.
  • WIFI points - All WIFI points are continuously monitored for correct operation, traffic, users, and number of connections
  • Wired Connections - If your property uses wired connections to resident units, we monitor each apartment to ensure the connection is operational
  • Phones - All business phones are monitored to make sure they remain registered on the network
  • Surveillance - All security cameras and associated devices are monitored for correct function
  • Controlled Access - SAGE makes sure that fingerprint readers and gate controllers are working at all times
  • TV - critical sections of our TV infrastructure are continuously monitored
  • Temperature - Equipment rooms are monitored to ensure they do not get too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter
  • Power - We know when power is lost to an equipment room, even though the equipment keeps running on backup power... this allows us to diagnose and respond appropriately to property-wide power disturbances .




OCULUS Surveillance Systems from IQ Machines give you the ability to monitor your properties with state-of-the art performance, at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. OCULUS is different:

High Performance Hardware - OCULUS uses hardware built by IQ Machines to provide performance and value that simply can't be matched by off-the-shelf solutions. Our hardware lets you support more cameras at higher resolutions, and store more hours of video at a lower cost.

Hybrid Local / Cloud Architecture - OCULUS uses a distributed local / cloud architecture to provide the best overall performance and features. Typical off-the-shelf systems use local (at the property) hardware and software, providing limited flexibility, crude remote monitoring capability, and poor (or non-existent) integration with cameras from other sites. Cloud-based systems offer better remote capabilities, but offer lower resolution, less storage, and charge expensive monthly fees per camera. OCULUS uses a unique combination of on-site security servers along with off-site cloud-based equipment and software, giving you the best of both worlds. You get high-speed on-site hardware for the best resolution and capturing capability, but also full integration with a cloud-based management system that allows property owners to easily see all their systems through a single interface. And unlike other cloud-based providers, we don't charge monthly fees.

The Best Features - When you select Oculus, you get the all the most useful and powerful features:

  • An easy-to use, unified web interface that consolidates your view into all of your properties, featuring:
    • Access from any web browser or smart-phone
    • Live-view of any camera, with zoom and pan functions
    • Easy to use replay of previous footage from any camera, with pause, frame-by-frame, and other features
    • Easy exporting of any video clip from any camera
    • Permissions management to allow users to see only certain cameras based on login credential
  • High Resolution Digital HD Cameras, for the highest quality footage indoors and outside
  • Networked and backed-up storage to hold up to a month of footage from all cameras in the system
  • Complete integration with systems and cameras from other properties