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With IQ Machines, you get more than just an Internet Service Provider. When you select our bulk telecom services, you also get comprehensive technology consulting as a courtesy. We believe strongly that offering these services on a complimentary basis is a win-win situation for us and our clients - when we make technology recommendations, we know that our success as a telecom provider will be determined in large part by the guidance we offer, so we strive to specify a design that achieves maximum performance with minimum owner investment. If you have a new construction or renovation project, IQ Machines will act as your dedicated technology consultant, providing these valuable consulting services:

  • Review of architectural drawings, and recommendations regarding different options for telecom infrastructure
  • Generation of a Technology Scope Responsibility Matrix, defining precisely:
    • Which contractor provides what equipment
    • The specific installation and testing tasks to be performed by each contractor for each technology subsystem
  • Complete low-voltage drawing and documentation packages, including:
    • MDF and IDF Room Assignment
    • Homerun Wiring Diagrams
    • Unit Detail and Amenity Area Detail Drawings 
    • Rack Elevation and IDF/MDF Room Layout Drawings
    • Heat and Power Load Calculations 
    • Cell Phone Booster Wiring 
    • Controlled Access Wiring and Commercial Door Hardware Specifications
    • Auto Gates and Emergency Phone Wiring 
  • Active participation in construction team meetings, acting as your technology representative
  • Management, tracking and oversight of technology-related construction tasks


Make IQ Machines your partner and see how easy and cost-effective it can be to integrate the best technology at your property.