Construction Management Cropped

IQ Machines is more than just another bulk telecom provider... we provide all the technology you need to make your property work well, including controlled access systems, surveillance systems, computer labs, and more. But having the best technologies is just one piece of the puzzle - if those technologies can't be installed easily in a cost-effective manner at your property, what good are they?

At IQ Machines, we roll up our sleeves and provide the technical services that other providers don't. If you have a new construction or renovation project, IQ Machines can act as your technology consultant, providing:

  • Review of architectural drawings
  • Recommendations regarding different options for telecom infrastructure
  • Active participation in construction team meetings, acting as your technology representative
  • Written requirements specifications for:
    • low-voltage wiring
    • controlled access wiring and/or commercial door hardware
    • power and HVAC for equipment rooms
    • surveillance system wiring 
    • wiring for computer labs and public WIFI
  • Management, tracking and oversight of technology-related construction tasks

Make IQ Machines your partner and see how easy it can be to integrate the best technology on your construction projects.