Oculus Cropped

Nothing is more important than securing your property and your residents' safety. Oculus Surveillance Systems from IQ Machines give you the ability to monitor your properties with state-of-the art performance, at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Oculus uses hardware and software built by IQ Machines to provide performance and value that simply can't be matched by off-the-shelf camera/NVR solutions. When you select Oculus, you get:

  • High Resolution Digital HD Cameras, for the highest quality footage indoors and outside.
  • Centrally networked and backed-up storage to hold up to a month of footage from all cameras in the system.
  • An easy-to use, unified web interface that consolidates your view into all of your properties, featuring:
    • Access from any web browser or smart-phone
    • Live-view of any camera, with zoom and pan functions
    • Easy to use replay of previous footage from any camera, with pause, frame-by-frame, and other features
    • Easy exporting of any video clip from any camera
    • Permissions management to allow users to see only certain cameras based on login credentials
    • No monthly fees (most other companies charge a per camera fee for web hosting)

And if you have Internet Service from IQ Machines, your Oculus system is continuously monitored by Sage (see here for more information)... you will know immediately if any camera or other device is offline. If you need video surveillance, Oculus is the smartest choice you can make.