At IQ Machines, we take pride in offering the fastest connection speeds to residents, the most reliable service, and a low cost that beats the competition. Why is our Internet so good? The reasons are simple:

Dedicated Bandwidth - We bring a dedicated fiber-optic link to your property, connected directly to the backbone of the Internet. Your bandwidth is guaranteed no matter how many businesses or residences move into the area.  And, we bring a lot of bandwidth... we don't skimp, so your residents can use the Internet how they want, when they want. But providing the fastest Internet service takes more than just bandwidth – it takes engineering excellence to design and deploy wireless networks that can deliver that bandwidth to every device over every inch of your property...

The Best WiFi Coverage - When it comes to Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi is often the weakest link. If a resident can’t maintain a good connection to the Wi-Fi network, the result will be slow speeds no matter how much bandwidth is available at the property. Traditional Wi-Fi networks installed by most providers attempt to cover the large space of a student housing or other MDU property using a limited number of high-power Wi-Fi points - but this approach fails to provide adequate performance, especially as users increasingly choose phones and other mobile devices to access the Internet. Phones have low-power Wi-Fi transmitters that simply can’t “talk back” to Wi-Fi points that are far away or obstructed by several walls, resulting a limited connection speed - and unhappy residents. IQ Machines uses more Wi-Fi points at lower power settings, located in closer proximity to the residents in order to ensure a high-speed connection to the user. IQ Machines also carefully configures the Wi-Fi points to prevent interference and maximize performance. As a result, residents can use Wi-Fi to stream high-definition media to multiple devices at once with ease. Best of all, IQ Machines provides this exceptional performance while still reducing capital cost for developers.

Network Products Optimized For MDU - Cable companies use products intended for individual residences (cable modems). Other competitors use off-the-shelf networking products intended for large business applications (overpriced, and not tailored to MDU Internet delivery). At IQ Machines, we design and build our core products in-house... and they are optimized for delivering Internet in MDU environments. Products like FULCRUM are streamlined for MDU... they contain hardware and software specifically designed to deliver fast internet to hundreds of residences at once. Our products contain all the features needed for MDU, and none of the features you don't - so what you get is faster internet at a lower cost.

High-Reliability Infrastructure - IQ Machines was founded by partners possessing decades of experience building mission-critical transportation systems with the highest levels of reliability. Our Internet service draws heavily on this knowledge to ensure your users experience the most reliable service possible. For more details, read here.

The Best Features - When you select Internet service from IQ Machines, you get all the features critcial to MDU applications:

  • Security - Data from each unit is segregated and protected by several overapping layers of security.
  • Traffic Shaping - Our network dynamically adapts to changing loads to ensure all users get the data they need.
  • Office Integration - FULCRUM automatically creates an office network for your staff, guaranteeing bandwidth and data security for your business critical operations.
  • Amenity Support - FULCRUM creates separate virtual networks for amenity areas to ensure correct operation of phones, media rooms, computer labs and gaming systems.

Internet Service is the single most important amenity you offer... pick IQ Machines to be sure your residents are satisfied.