HDTV Cropped

Are you sensing a pattern with IQ Machines... like more for less? Well, our bulk TV service for MDU is no different. We offer the best content in full HD at price point where competitors offer antiquated, standard-definition analog cable. Our TV systems can be tailored to your needs, but you always get more with IQ Machines:

HDTV: Our systems utilize the most advanced HD-over-coax technology to bring crystal clear broadcasts to your residents without the need for a set-top box. And we don't offer just a handful of HD stations... all programming that is broadcast in HD is delivered to your residents at full HD resolution. 

Programming: Our basic packages includes all the most popular channels, including major conference sports networks where applicable (e.g. SEC Network).

High Reliability: Too often, bulk MDU TV service is not as reliable as it should be. When a channel goes out, or service is interrupted, tenants wait too long for the problem to be fixed. IQ Machines is different - our systems are designed with intelligently managed backup equipment to make sure that your property does not lose TV service. We even have dual satellite signals feeding our systems. For more information, read here.

Upgrades: Most residents are thrilled to have a full array of HD programming as a part of the basic TV package. But for those that want more, our systems allow residents to upgrade equipment or programming with premium contect from DISH network. Residents have access to a full range of upgrades without adding dishes to your property or making changes to your infrastructure.

The choice is simple: IQ Machines makes it easy and affordable to bring better TV service to your property.