Controlled Access Cropped

Do you need to restrict access to your property? Do you have public amenity areas that you would like residents to be able to use after staff is gone for the day? If so, IQ Machines can install a controlled access system tailored to your the needs of your property. Our most popular systems include biometric identification, so that residents can gain access using their finger instead of carrying an extra card at all times. Although we can design any type of system to meet your requirements, IQ Machines can typically install a biometric system for a cost normally associated with a less sophisticated card-based system. Controlled Access Systems by IQ Machines feature:

  • An easy-to-use software interface that allows your staff to quickly:
    • Register residents and staff
    • Change the schedule for individual doors including the times they are should be open, locked, or allow access by ID only
    • View a log of when doors were opened, and by whom
  • Software that runs from a centralized server, so that staff can access the system interface from multiple office computers... wherever it is most convenient
  • Automatic backups of the system database - if there an equipment failure you will not need to re-enroll residents
  • In the event of power outage:
    • Battery backup for continued operation, and to allow staff to clear areas in an orderly manner until power is restored
    • Safe exit even in the complete loss of system function
  • Clean integration with your property's network and other related systems (fire alarm, etc.). And if your Internet service is from IQ Machines, your controlled access system will be continuously monitored by Sage (see here for more information)... you will know immediately if any fingerprint reader or other device is offline.
  • Additional features as needed, including integrated resident directory dialers and car garage gate activation
  • Long-term support to keep the system running